Subaru STI tS Type RA

With the arrival of any new STI, it’s only a matter of time before we can expect a tuned up, limited edition variant. Subaru doesn’t disappoint with their latest GVB version of the old Spec C – the STI tS Type RA.


These days it seems like every manufacturer is offering a special tuned model that alludes to “racing pedigree”. While others have recently jumped on the bandwagon of giving enthusiasts less for more, Subaru have long been one of a handful of brands to offer such models, going back to the original Impreza.


One trend they seem to have taken from their competitors is the notion that bright orange paint equals high performance. Cliche’s aside, the GVB wears the hue quite well.

The exterior comes with an STI V-Limited front lip and an adjustable carbon rear wing. Special tS and Type RA branding is found throughout the car.


A set of gloss black, forged BBS mesh wheels replace the standard units and tucked beneath are a set of massive 6-piston (front) and 2-piston (rear) Brembo calipers with 2-piece slotted rotors. The car’s also been put on a diet with the addition of an aluminum bonnet and plenty of lightened suspension components. Based on previous special models, the car will likely come with an aggressively tuned ECU and a more breathable 3″ exhaust system.


Long gone are the old days of the original Spec C which gave you little more than a steering wheel, windup windows and a seat. The tS Type RA will come in 2 different trim levels – The NBR Challenge Package features the exterior upgrades (shown) and a spruced up interior with leather Recaro seats.

Intrigued? Only 300 will be produced and are for sale in Japan only, as is typical with Subaru’s most exciting offerings. Overall the tS Type RA marks a fond farewell to the current GVB before the redesign rolls out next year.

Photos courtesy of Subaru.



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