Subaru S203 In Hong Kong

With the Subaru STI tS Type RA debuting last week, it only made sense to have another look back at the STi S203.


The S203 could be considered the ultimate version of the GDB STi. Where the Spec C was geared towards track use, the S203 was intended to be the perfect allrounder – a car that was just as good on the touge as it was on the weekday commute.


Performance and style upgrades are found throughout the car including a carbon V-Limited front lip and forged BBS wheels.

An upgraded interior, beefed up suspension, STi performance tuned ECU and ball bearing turbo round out the S203 package.


This particular S203 (315/555) was imported to Hong Kong by jal723, who previously owned another very nice STi that we’ll take a look at another day.

Today factory modified cars are all the rage. Subaru has always been very good at this type of car and the S203 is one of their finest examples. It’s an STi that checks all boxes in terms of looks and performance, to a point where all the owner has left to do is drive it.


Since this car is there, I thought it interesting to mention that Hong Kong is one of the best places in the World for car watching. It’s the financial and cultural hub of Asia and the cars are representative of that. I’ve not been to another city where I’ve seen more exotics and properly nice Japanese cars – I’ve certainly not seen more GT-Rs anywhere else! Go to Japan for the tuning shops and motor sports, but for just walking around and stumbling across great stuff, Hong Kong is where it’s at.

Photos courtesy of jal723.


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