The BRZ STI Is Coming

Teaser images of the long-rumored Subaru BRZ STI have appeared on Subaru Technica International’s official website.


The announcement comes as little surprise, considering a tuned version of the much loved coupe has been the worst kept secret in the industry.


The question is what does STI treatment of the BRZ entail? The hope is that the naturally aspirated FA20 will come equipped with a factory turbocharger and the usual assortment of STI upgrades, including bigger brakes, stiffer suspension and more aggressive styling. No word on whether the car will also make the switch to AWD.

Expect to hear more details in the coming weeks.

Photos courtesy of Subaru.



  1. You sure have high hopes, don’t you? haha The STi tS has been unveiled at Fuji 86 Style with BRZ. You can find pictures on FT86club.

    In regards to power, Hiroyuki Karamatsu, President of STi, has confirmed that “turbocharging is NOT in the concept of this greatly balanced FR sports car, so we concentrated our developments on suspension, handling, performance improvements and sports styling. The turbocharged version of BRZ will remain only in GT300 championship.”

    I’d also stop wishing for an AWD variant. It simply won’t happen.

    1. I’d hardly consider turbocharging an STI version of the BRZ as high hopes for the car. The setup makes sense when you consider that Subaru have been doing it on most of their lineup for over 20 years.

      1. Perhaps I’m not using the right phrase, but I used the phrase “high hopes” because the rumor mill goes berserk with people clamoring over a turbocharged variant every time new BRZ STi news surfaces even after Subaru (and now STi) have stated multiple times that turbocharging is not in the works for the BRZ. While it might make sense, this is a new car with a new philosophy. Sometimes things go in a new direction.

        Plus, since it is a jointly produced car, it wouldn’t make sense for STi to come to the table with a turbo BRZ while not offering something similar on the Toyota side. There is simply too much Toyota influence and authority over production for it to happen.

        However, I wouldn’t completely rule out the STi having the same power levels as the standard BRZ or 86. Subaru has stated in the past that they are working on intake, exhaust, and slight motor tuning to net a little more power. In addition, I suspect a majority of the changes will be a revised suspension, larger brakes, and aero bits.

  2. I agree – the rumor mill is certainly abuzz with turbo BRZ talk. I have always been of the opinion that it would make perfect sense to offer the car with forced induction from the factory but as you said, they’re aiming for a new philosophy.

    I think they should’ve called it the BRZ tS and dropped the STI moniker. It seems like they’re just going to offer the car equipped with all of the STI-branded parts you can already buy from their website. Also their asking price of $41000 is frankly obscene!

    Here’s to hoping a turbo version may yet happen but in the meantime, the BRZ/FR-S is still a fine car!

    1. While it seems expensive to us, you have to remember the currency isn’t always an apples to apples conversion. Yes, it would be $41k in USD, but in Japan it’s priced according to the market and domestic value of the yen.

      But in the end, quite frankly, none of this really matters as the car won’t even be sold outside of Japan.

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