Subaru BRZ STI tS

Subaru would like to charge you $41000 for a body kit.

Okay, so it’s a bit more than a body kit, but do Brembo brakes and some other parts lifted from the Impreza STI tS really warrant such a jump in price? What Subaru have done here is pull a fast one. They relied on the STI brand and what those 3 letters signify, to fuel a huge amount of hype over little more than a trim upgrade to the BRZ.

What Subaru should’ve done is call this car the BRZ tS (Tuned by STI), rather than giving it a name that alludes to a lineage of highly successful World Rally campaigns and road going Imprezas.


On first impressions the car look the part. Most of the exterior upgrades can already be purchased through STI, including the front lip which finishes off the BRZ rather nicely.


Most of the exterior’s other upgrades you’ll recognize from the BRZ’s older sibling, including the carbon rear wing.


Not visible are a set of Brembo brakes (lifted from the Impreza STI) and an upgraded Blistein suspension for better handling.

Subaru has made no allusions to the BRZ going forced induction anytime soon. In the meantime, let the rumor mill continue…

Photos courtesy of ClicCar.


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