Honda’s 2015 Formula 1 Engine Sound

This is how the 2015 McLarens will sound in Formula 1.

Formula 1’s new technical regulations will take hold in 2014, as the cars swap their naturally aspirated V8s for turbocharged V6s. McLaren will remain under contract with engine supplier Mercedes through the end of next season, however in 2015 they will rekindle a new technical partnership Honda.

McLaren experienced some of their most successful years in Formula 1 using Honda engines and the new partnership could spell good things for a team that’s been in a massive slump this season.

Most of the engine suppliers have already released sound clips of their new power plants and they’ve been met with a divided response. By comparison, the current V8s do sound better and for those hoping for the wastegate screams of 80s era turbo engines, the new batch misses the mark. The new technical regulations are here to stay so it’s about managing expectations moving forward. With that said, the new Honda engine is the best sounding so far. Lets see what Ferrari comes up with!

Video courtesy of Honda.


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