Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GT

Imagine if the United States where just as crazy about Italian cars as we are about Japanese and German cars…

What if we were able to import old Alfas and Lancias the same way we do BMWs, Nissans and Toyotas? Then imagine what an Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GT would look like modified in accordance to the current trends. It might look something like this and my god it’s good.


I wish I knew the artist who created this render because I’d love to see some of their other work.

This lowered, caged Alfa Giulia on Work Equips is a thing of beauty. Now imagine it red with gold wheels! We’ve got it pretty good in terms of variety and availability in the US, but one area where we’ve always lacked is with Italian cars. Sure they’re notoriously unreliable, but with today’s modern suspension kits, the relative ease of doing engine swaps and retrofits, many of the issues that once plagued these classics would be no more.

I’d put this beautiful, Bertone designed Alfa up against some of the very best looking Japanese and German offerings.



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