I Prefer Sedans: The 2014 BMW F80 M3

When the first images of the 2014 BMW M4 surfaced, I wasn’t a fan. BMWs have been aesthetically challenged for over 10 years now – gone are the boxy, compact silhouettes the manufacturer was once famous for. These days their cars have taken on a more organic look with robust curves lining their bulky exteriors. In BMW’s defense, some of that boils down to heightened crash safety regulations. Ultimately, their cars have taken some getting used to and the new M flagship is no exception.

The way the headlamps flow into the kidney grills has been my biggest gripe about the new 3-Series. From other angles the car looks very good, especially in person. I had hoped the same styling cue wouldn’t find its way onto the M3 but it has. They have gone to some lengths to make it more aggressive and with the new front bumper, it’s a definite improvement. What initially threw me off about the M4 is that it looked like a car that was always intended to be a sedan. Proportionally it looked wrong, however now that we get a glimpse at the M3, things are beginning to make a lot more sense.


The tall fenders and bumpers feel less obtrusive with the longer body. The car’s shape is more balanced overall.


However, things get a little suspect at the rear with a bumper that would be more at home on the X4 crossover. Still, the sedan body helps smooth out some of the more striking disproportions.


I like the way they’ve folded the front bumper’s air inlets into one another. The curves of the M’s bumper work much better with that challenging headlamp-to-kidney grill design.



Overall a big improvement over the M4 in my opinion.


A good looking interior as well and it’s nice to know it will come with the option of a proper 6-speed manual.


In contrast, the F82 M4. The coupe still isn’t working for me the way the sedan is. That color is absolutely horrendous. I was left scratching my head when BMW debuted the M4 in that finish at Pebble Beach. Wouldn’t Yas Marina Blue have been a far better choice than Bile Yellow?

I’m sure I’ll gain a completely different perspective once I see the cars in person – they always tend to look better and I’m very much looking forward to that. So there you are, the 2014 BMW M3 and M4. Check out Club Lexus for more photos.

Photos courtesy of BMW BLOG.



  1. Remember BMW strives for classic yet edgy design cues, I feel that they have achieved yet another successful look. I look forward to what the tuning scene has in store for the first factory turbo m3. Gtr fighter? Maybe

  2. I think the rear needs work but they have achieved the edgy yet classic design they always strive for. I’m anxious to see what the tuning world has in store for the first factory turbo’d m3/4, gtr fighter? Maybe

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