Williams ‘Max Rebo’ FW36

If you’re going based on the actual release schedule, it was McLaren who were first set to debut their car for the 2014 Formula 1 season. In the last couple of days however, other teams have jumped at the opportunity to get their designs front and center before the onslaught of big reveals next week.

Yesterday we saw a very promising render from Force India. Granted it was only a tease of the VJM07’s side profile, but it did feature one of the better liveries to hit Formula 1 in quite some time and a promising lower nose to comply with the 2014 technical regulations.

I knew it was too good to be true and this was confirmed earlier today with the Williams FW36.


Again, the side profile is all well and good. Apart from the lower nose, the rest of the car is quite similar to what we’ve seen over the past 2 seasons.

It’s when you come around to the front that things go horribly wrong.


“Anteater”, “penis nose” and “limp dick” are some of the terms being used to describe what is ultimately the best design from a functional standpoint, within the new regulations.


The nose slims out at the end to allow for maximum airflow under the car. The end result is something we’ll spend the rest of 2014 complaining about.

Remember when step noses were horrid? Maybe not so much anymore.


Photos courtesy of Williams.


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