RCM Gobstopper II

Lots of Subarus to get to this week including the all new RCM Gobstopper II!

Many of you will remember the original Gobstopper GC Impreza from Roger Clark Motorsport. It was one of the most successful and exciting time attack cars of all time. The sequel, based on a GRB STI looks to outdo the original.


The Gobstopper II is all business and features one of the craziest front splitter/rear wing combos ever fitted to a time attack car. While the striking looks may not suit everyone’s tastes, nothing that isn’t completely necessary is fitted to this car.


The car competed for the first time earlier this month at Round 1 of UK Time Attack at Silverstone. Despite being the quickest car of the day, the RCM team are still dialing in the performance.


All business.

Expect to see a lot more success for the Gobstopper II throughout the 2014 UK Time Attack season. If you’d like to learn more about the car, Farm of Minds did a great feature back in October.

Photos courtesy of Rich Sams Photography.


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