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Cars & Coffee

It seems only fitting that any automotive blog based in Southern California, do an obligatory Cars & Coffee post. This is by no means an in depth coverage; Mike Garrett and Albert Roxas already have that covered. These are just some cars that stood out for me, on my last visit in June.

Cars & Coffee gets started right around the crack of dawn. Getting up on time is never easy. It’s a struggle and you just have to deal with it. Once you’re there, the sleep deprivation subsides and the sights, sounds and smells take over. Waking up early was definitely worth it.

You’re always going to see something different at Cars & Coffee. It’s a great opportunity to check out all the cars in detail. This was my first time seeing the Ferrari 599 GTO in person. It’s quite a big car, more than I expected. The Tipo F140C is the most power production V12 Ferrari has ever produced. It’s very subdued compared to the polished velocity stacks on Ferraris of old.

A Ford GT40 in pristine condition. It could’ve rolled right off the showroom floor.

One thing you can be sure of at Cars & Coffee, there’s going to be Porsches. Next to Corvettes, I’d say there are more Porsches than any other make of car. I really liked the cream white and black combination on the 911 above. Does anyone know which version of the 911 this is? I’m pretty sure it’s a 2.7 from 1976, I could be wrong though. I’m terrible with 911 models.

The 550 Spyder is a thing of beauty. It’s easily one of the most gorgeous cars Porsche has ever produced. It’s also the car that James Dean fatally crashed in.

This particular 550 was completely spotless. Like the Ford GT40, it could’ve come straight from the dealership.

In stark contrast to the Porsches was this Frankenstein van by Slims Fabrication.

This is what I hate most. The popularity of Cars & Coffee has acted as a double-edged sword. The meet has definitely gotten bigger and better, but it’s brought in a bunch of wannabes. This dude needs to put his car in the parking garage like everyone else. I have a WRX too and you don’t see my shit on display. Subarus don’t belong at Cars & Coffee. Save your Rotas for the In-N-Out meets.

A Mosler MT900S, for sale no less. This car had a swarm of people around it all morning.

The owner was a great guy though. He was taking the time to talk to everyone about his car. That’s one of the other awesome things about Cars & Coffee, the opportunity to talk with the owners. It’s a very social atmosphere. Everyone is excited to share their passion for cars and it’s a very casual setting to do so.

Nearly every car at the meet owes something to the Mercedes-Benz 300SL.

I’ll end things with this Porsche 997 on Work Meisters. It always turns up at Cars & Coffee and I always have to take a minute to stop and admire. I believe it’s a Carrera with an OEM trunk spoiler, but I could be wrong. There’s a lot of money invested in this car, something that becomes apparent upon closer inspection.

There have certainly been better turnouts, but you can be sure there will always be something cool to see at Cars & Coffee.


Fire Starter

A few months ago, I accepted something. I accepted the fact that I will probably never own an R34 GT-R. It is my dream car and if given the opportunity, I’d choose it over anything else. But for as long as I’d like to live in this miserable country, there will be no way I can do it. See owning one as a dedicated track car isn’t good enough for me. I want to drive it on the street, bring it to work and run errands in it. I want the full experience of owning a Skyline, whether it be good or bad.

That’s never going to happen, especially in California, a state that’s becoming increasingly car unfriendly. So I decided to accept my fate and focus on cars I could own and enjoy, like my Subaru and a list of others, I could potentially own in the future. But then something bad happened the other day.

I was on Farm of Minds and I came across a video that ruined everything.

I’d like anyone that thinks imports are “Mickey Mouse” to watch that. That car is scary and I love it.

Obsession never dies. Dammit.

Early To Rise

On Saturday morning I rolled out to Cars & Coffee with a couple friends. We were up at the crack of dawn and the meet was already in full swing by the time we got there at around 7:15.

On the way up to the meet my friend Colin snapped a few pictures of the WRX. It’s been a while since I’ve had any new pictures of my car.

My car is in need of a diffuser. Cars & Coffee has been covered time and time again, so I’ll spare you the photo dump. As with every week the weather is nice, there was a great turn out on Saturday morning. Colin took a ton of pictures and you can find them all on his Flickr.

Photos courtesy of Colin Chu.


G35 Gathering: Part II

I decided to edit a few more of the pictures I took at last weekend’s G35 gathering at Shoreline Village in Long Beach.

I was shocked at how many clean engine bays I saw at the meet. Polishing and full wire tucks are standard practice in this community. The VQ has the potential to be quite pretty.

I saw a lot of cars rocking the Cosworth intake manifold. It definitely blings up the car’s engine bay.

This dumped sedan isn’t of my typical tastes but as a complete car it’s something to admire. That’s all I got from the G meet, Top Secret III will be up later.

G35 Gathering: Part I

Hit up the G35 gathering at Shoreline Village in Long Beach last Saturday. My good homie owns a G35 sedan and this is the second year I joined him at the meet. There was a pretty big turn out this year of over 60 cars. Tonight I was messing around with some of the pictures I took and decided to post them up.

Majority of the cars at the meet were sedans, but a fair amount of G35 and G37 coupes showed up as well.

Even had a fair share of 350Z’s at the meet. I was particularly digging this one with the Work Equips. The weather was a great and it was a nice way to spend a Saturday morning. I like checking out non-Subaru meets and seeing what the rest of the tuning community is up to. I have plenty more pictures to edit, so if there’s time I’ll put some more up later this week.

BBQ Meet Throwback

My first Subaru meet was back in August 2005, about 2 months after I picked up my WRX. I found these very old, very bad pictures from the meet at Subydude’s (now Wheeldude’s) old office in Fremont, CA.

I was pretty stoked to be going to a car meet that day. My WRX was completely stock at the time but it was fun to check out a lot of the cars I had gotten to know on the forums, in person. Bugeyes were definitely king back in the day. The GDB STi was still very new to the states and it was pretty ballin’ if you owned one.

The bar hadn’t been set very high in 2005. Most people did wheels, springs and a catback exhaust. Anything more and you were starting to get into serious territory. This is the STi that convinced me to get my first exhaust, a Strömung dual tip. I actually really liked it. It sounded pretty dope and it was totally sleeper. Cops never gave me a second glance either. It also looked pretty aggressive under the car because of the big 3″ piping.

I was pretty surprised with the atmosphere of the meet. People were coming and going throughout the afternoon. No one was really talking though. Everyone apart from a few small circles, kept to themselves and it was kind of awkward. It was very unlike the stereotypical atmosphere of a Subaru meet, which is extremely laid back and inviting.

This bugeye was pretty legit 5 years ago. White and gold was a very popular color combo and everyone was going nuts over the JDM STi aero parts for the GDA, like that S202 rear wing.

A lot of you guys know Dan’s WRX. This was before the V7 swap when he was running a GT30R on the stock block and tranny.

Finally, here’s my beater heading home from the meet. The only upgrades I had done at this point were window tint and a trunk swap for the WRX rear wing. My car was originally wingless and could I do it all over again, I would’ve kept it that way. I miss these days, before HellaFlush and Hypebeasts. Don’t get me wrong, I really like the look of aggressive fitment. But back then, everyone was just doing their thing, they way they wanted. All the parts and trends were new and fresh. Literally nothing had been played out yet.

Subarus @ StanceWorks

Sorry for the lack of posts over the last couple days. I’ve been pretty busy working on some other projects and trying to get back in shape at the gym. StanceWorks had a meet on the East Coast this past weekend and there was a pretty nice Subaru turnout. Here’s some pictures from the meet.

My personal favorite from the meet. The GDA is under new ownership now so I’ll be interested to see where he goes with it. Might not be bad if he didn’t make any changes at all. That car is so on point. I’m working on editing some of my own pictures from the mini photo shoot I did the other night. I should have some to show later tonight or tomorrow.

Photos courtesy of boricuajr.

Subaru @ Hellaflush

I missed out on Hellaflush III last weekend because I’m still in SoCal, but it looked like another great meet. I’m really pumped that the dudes at Fatlace know what’s up. I can’t tell you how refreshing it is, just to see pictures of a proper car meet with tasteful, daily-driven cars. From what I can tell Subarus dominated the show, surprisingly. Here’s some of my favorites from last weekend, photo credits go to adizon.

Here’s an Evo that really stood out to me. That rear flare is flawless.

I think it’s safe to say that the Subaru community has had a huge resurgence in the past year or so. So many people are rocking Subarus again and I think there’s a couple reasons behind that. First off the economy is still in the tank and no one can make any money trying to sell their cars right now. That’s kept a lot of the Subaru guys who were ready to move on from doing it. It’s always the cheaper alternative to keep the car you got and build it, than to start from scratch with something new. Secondly, Evos are played out right now. I love Evos and I’d still love to own one but let’s be honest, Evos are the new Imprezas. I see more of them on the road now than I see Subarus and in the never-ending quest to be different people are going back to their import roots, Subarus. I was disappointed to see a lack of GC or bugeye presence at Hellaflush III, I’d like to change that at some point with my own car.


Hellaflush III


Hellaflush III is happening November 15 at BlackTrax Performance in Milpitas, CA. I really wanted to check this meet out but I think I’m going to be in SoCal that weekend. The people at Fatlace started the meet to coincide with their Hellaflush blog back in Summer 2008 and it’s done nothing but grow since. Hellaflush III will feature 150 spots, all of which are now full as far as I know, and numerous vendors from the automotive and urban fashion markets will be in attendance. I was talking with my friend the other day about the meet and we came up with an interesting concept. What if you could only put your car in the meet if you had real wheels, no Rotas, no knockoffs. I bet only half as many cars would be able to participate. Just goes to show you how much the market has been flooded with crap over the past couple years. I may have to find a way to get to this meet, we’ll see.