Top Secret Revisited


I’ve been doing ACLASS since 2008 and it’s pretty crazy to think that this December will be the blog’s 7th anniversary. I often look over the site’s stats and analytics and it comes as little surprise that my Top Secret features from 2010 remain some of the most popular. Considering those were written 5 years ago, I figured the photos could use a little updating and resizing to take advantage of the blog’s wider layout. I encourage new and regular readers alike to check out each feature, see how much Japan’s tuning industry has changed and revisit some of Smokey Nagata’s most famous creations.

Visit the links below for Parts 1, 2 and 3!

Top Secret: Part I

Top Secret: Part II

Top Secret: Part III




Subaru owners are always trying to run v-mount intercooler setups on their cars. I’ve seen countless ways of approaching the problem that should have just been solved at the factory from the beginning, especially since all the rally cars ran this type of cooling setup. Regardless, Team Orange has always set the standard for a proper v-mount solution on the Subaru, thanks to JUN.



People go to galleries to look at art. I find art under the hoods of D1 cars. It’s really too bad Team Orange switched over to Evos, I’ll hopefully be doing the same.