Formula D

Colors Of The Industry

I saw this video on JDM EGO and MotorMavens, thought it was pretty cool.

Bowls LA has been putting out a few great videos lately. They have some really talented camera operators and video editors on their team, so props are definitely in order! I like how they were able to go around and give everyone some screen time. There are a lot of very influential industry people in this video and it’s cool to see them talking cars.


Climbing The Ladder

I started peeping Fatlace 4 or 5 years back when it was just a bunch of blogs. It’s pretty crazy how much they’ve grown in the last 5 years. I’m glad they’re doing a car show series with Formula D. I think it’s going to bring in a larger, more diverse audience to the sport and that will help it grow. Plus knowing how Fatlace does things, I’m sure these One/One shows will be full of dope cars. More details about the show and their partnership with Formula D are on their website.


If you read Speedhunters a while back, you would have remembered some pictures of Formula D badass Vaughn Gitten Jr. drifting in Japan. Anyway, I was on Nori Yaro the other day and came across a post with one of the videos they filmed with JR in Japan.

Episode 3 just came out last week, Episode 4 and hopefully others will be coming in the near future.


Gruppe-S used to be the premier tuning shop for Subarus in the Bay Area. Mike from GST Motorsports used to work there and tune all their cars, the staff were all prominent members of the community, and they had connections to getting all the best parts from the US and Japan. I ordered a number of my parts, including my Advans, through Gruppe-S back in the day. But after some bad management decisions, the loss of majority of their good staff (Mike included), Gruppe-S went belly up and ran to Southern California with their tails between their legs. GST Motorsports now dominates the dying Subaru scene in the Bay Area. Recently Gruppe-S has been trying to make a comeback. Their site is still active and supposedly, you can still order parts through them, although I haven’t tried. They also had their name on the Hankook drift cars at Formula D last season. This season they are competing in Formula D with their own car, a Subaru no less.


The car looks pretty cheesy to me, especially with that APR wide-body kit and the same paint scheme as the Evo from Tokyo Drift. I’m not sure if this car will be part of the headlining competition or not. No word has been released on who will be driving it. I guess this is the Gruppe-S way of making a comeback. They were smart to move to Southern California under Dynamic Autosports Inc. because their reputation in the Bay Area is far from good. I’ll be interested to see what happens with this car.