Start Them Young

For many sports it’s possible to go pro after starting from a middle school to even a high school level. The same can’t necessarily be said about motor racing. Racing is unique in the fact that the parents in most cases need to make the decision before their kids are old enough to decide for themselves. Dylan Murry is 12-years-old and reminds me of more than one of Formula 1’s many World Champions.

I don’t suspect this is the last time we’ll see Dylan doing amazing things behind the wheel of a race car.

Video courtesy of DRIVE.


They Do Evos Too

Pleasure Racing Service is primarily known for their work with Subarus, but they also have a mighty fine Evo X.

At the moment, Pleasure doesn’t offer a whole lot of parts for the Evo X. But anytime a shop has a demo car, it can mean good things to come for the consumer market. Hopefully they’ll expand their range of Mitsubishi parts to equal what they offer for Subarus.

Like most, I hated the Evo X when it came out. But it’s grown on me over the years. There’s also a whole lot more, heavily tuned Evo X’s rolling around than STi’s. I think it says something about the Subaru community when they had the largest manufacturer turn out at HellaFlush, last weekend.

Photos courtesy of PRS.

Yawn: Gymkhana 2.1

Haven’t we seen this already? Don’t get me wrong, Ken Block is the man, but between the DC videos, Top Gear, and now this clip from Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory, I’m kind of over it. I’m sure all the fans out there are going to hate on me because this video is nutting on every car blog in the English-speaking world, but it wasn’t even that funny.

Format 67


I came across this video on Vimeo about a week ago and then saw it today on Speedhunters. Format 67 was inspired by the Ken Block Gymkhana videos and decided to do a version featuring a Nissan Silvia. I don’t really think this driver compares to Ken Block. It’s easy for an experienced driver to drift a RWD Silvia, but I think it’s something different to precisely control and slide an AWD STi. Regardless of the driving, the video is beautifully shot. The editing and post-production work are also on a very advanced level. I really like the look of this video with the high contrast and stark desaturated hues. It makes me wish that much more that Top Gear would start broadcasting in HD.


Ken Block is back again with Part 2 of his crazy Subaru Gymkhana project. I think I preferred the driving in the first one, but you can’t ignore this either. I’ve never seen someone slide an AWD Subaru like he does, pretty impressive stuff. All the DC Shoes plugs and a cameo by Rob Dyrdek are pretty cheesy, but the production quality and driving are top notch.