Simplicity Is Beauty

Gus Dizon’s WRX is no stranger to this blog and has been spotted on more than one occasion. What I’ve always loved about this car was its simplicity.


While many aim to build the ultimate weekend warrior, Gus’ WRX is the car you’d want to drive everyday.


So many GDA owners strive to mimic the appearance of a JDM STi (myself included), however this is a WRX that’s comfortable in its own skin. It’s not trying too hard, it’s playing to its strengths.


The looks are aggressive, but in a more sensible way. Rather than bottoming out the suspension and running massive amounts of camber, Gus’ WRX maintains drivability. The subtle hints are still  there with Brembo brakes and meaty tires.


It wasn’t so long ago that automotive journalists panned the GDA for it’s looks. Opinions have shifted in more recent years and like a fine wine, the Bugeye has gotten better with age. Projector headlights should’ve come as standard on every GDA.


I was disappointed to hear that Gus decided to sell his WRX recently and hopefully it’s gone to a good home.

Some readers may wonder why I put such an emphasis on featuring daily driven Subarus and builds that weren’t created to grace the covers of tuning magazines. The reason is pretty simple: it’s about educating the current generation of Subaru owners on how the community has evolved. Hopefully some will use cars like Gus’ as inspiration for their own builds.

Photos courtesy of Gus Dizon.


Just Buy Enkei

I hate these bitches, who cry about how expensive Rays and Advans are. They use it as their justification, for rocking Rotas and other shit wheels. Why not save the stress, of having to explain yourself all the time and pick up some Enkeis?

They’re relatively light, extremely well made and very affordable. The RPF1s and NT03s also look fucking amazing on Subarus. I’d love to get a set of RPF1s, so I can wrap them in R-Comps and do track days.

Enkei have been killing it lately, with their new wheel designs. They also supply multiple Formula 1 teams, including McLaren. So why are you still trying to justify your fakes? Get the real thing and be happy you did.

Photo courtesy of timeXlost.