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Top Secret Revisited


I’ve been doing ACLASS since 2008 and it’s pretty crazy to think that this December will be the blog’s 7th anniversary. I often look over the site’s stats and analytics and it comes as little surprise that my Top Secret features from 2010 remain some of the most popular. Considering those were written 5 years ago, I figured the photos could use a little updating and resizing to take advantage of the blog’s wider layout. I encourage new and regular readers alike to check out each feature, see how much Japan’s tuning industry has changed and revisit some of Smokey Nagata’s most famous creations.

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Top Secret 86 At TAS

Lets be honest, we haven’t heard or seen much from Top Secret lately. The once premier tuning shop in Japan has fallen off in recent years. There are a number of factors for this, including bad financial decisions and an even worse Japanese economy, but that’s a story for another day. I’m encouraged to see Top Secret rolling out their own 86 demo car at Tokyo Auto Salon.


Last year the tuning world had their love affair with Nakai-san and RWB. However this year’s “it man” is undoubtably Miura-san from Rocket Bunny. His FR-S demo car made news for the second half of 2012 and to look around TAS in 2013, he doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon. Even Top Secret, longtime purveyors of their aero kits have elected to suit their 86 in Rocket Bunny.


The infamous black and Olympic gold is always a welcome site at TAS.


For many it was the bonkers, low mounted rear wing that gave the Rocket Bunny kit its unique look. It still looks pretty decent without the wing. Maybe Top Secret eventually plans to go a different route with this build?


Under the hood it’s Top Secret business as usual. The car’s been boosted with a turbo kit from Greddy. I’m not sure of the power output but it’s surely no slouch. This could also be the shop’s first demo car with a boxer engine!


Up front, more business as usual with an AP Racing brake kit and Enkei wheels.

Things are looking very good for the 86 and BRZ in 2013. Hopefully we’ll be seeing that long rumored STi version of the BRZ at this time next year! More to come!

Photos courtesy of CarWatch.