Top Secret Revisited


I’ve been doing ACLASS since 2008 and it’s pretty crazy to think that this December will be the blog’s 7th anniversary. I often look over the site’s stats and analytics and it comes as little surprise that my Top Secret features from 2010 remain some of the most popular. Considering those were written 5 years ago, I figured the photos could use a little updating and resizing to take advantage of the blog’s wider layout. I encourage new and regular readers alike to check out each feature, see how much Japan’s tuning industry has changed and revisit some of Smokey Nagata’s most famous creations.

Visit the links below for Parts 1, 2 and 3!

Top Secret: Part I

Top Secret: Part II

Top Secret: Part III



Smokey, Where You At?


I was searching up some of Top Secret’s cars on Google earlier and I came across this rendering of the GTR. I’m not sure who this artist is for this one, but it definitely got me thinking. Why hasn’t Top Secret gone all out with the new GTR yet? Many are saying they’re just too hard to modify and the ECU is a bear to crack. Look at Mine’s though, they’ve done big things with the GTR. Even Garage Defend has been tweaking theirs since the car was released. Why hasn’t Smokey Nagata, the mastermind behind all of Top Secret’s top speed beasts, built the GTR?

Touge Heroes

The highly anticipated Touge Heroes DVD came out on March 31. Here’s the official trailer and by the looks of things, these guys mean business. I’d really love to get with one of these car video crews and do some work. With the increasing availablity of cheap HD cameras and amazing video editing software applications, it’s easier than ever to make amazing videos on a tight budget. I need to get my hands on the full-length feature, it looks great! Check out Touge Heroes official website and pick up the DVD before it sells out.